Here at our fermentation headquarters in California, we are honored to bring the community a Marketplace focused on organic, fermented and cultured foods. We seek high quality ferments from regional and artisanal fermenters and offer an array of fermentation supplies and books. We aim to create a social and educational environment, hosting skilled teachers for classes on nutrition, fermentation, and food preservation.


We offer:

  • FOLK Kombucha from Tahoe on tap rotating regularly

  • Elixart Jun brewed in house on tap

  • House Made Organic Miso

  • Artisan Lavinia fresh baked Gluten Free Sourdough breads and Ancient Grains Sourdough breads

  • Local Culture small batch in house ferments, rotating regularly

  • Cultured organic olives, cured in house

  • Super Belly Ferments specializing in organic condiments

  • Pickles, chocolates, misos, fermented hot sauces, and more!


Come Visit us!